• Half Day Hack

    Spend a glorious three hours in the saddle absorbing our beautiful picturesque countryside mounted on one of our delightful steeds.  Be at one with nature and allow horses to bring you peace and tranquillity.

  • In House Competition

    You’ve got to be in it to win it.

    Experience the thrills and excitement of partaking in a competition, get placed and receive rosettes.

    Smugglers In house competition days enables younger riders to experience the excitement of competing through simulated competition scenarios without the stress and pressure of a real competition.

    We run several competition days throughout the year.

  • Own a Pony Day

    Experience the excitement and delight of owning your own pony with us here at Smugglers.

    This is a perfect day giving you the chance to be in sole charge of owning a pony for the day.

    The duties you would experience would include grooming, feeding, haying & watering, cleaning stables, riding your allocated horse, and many other duties involved in horse ownership.

  • Pole & Jumping Clinic Days

    Whole days dedicated to learning understanding and practising pole work and jumping techniques with your favourite school pony.
    Covering the complete basics on theory, striding, exercises, course walking and correct jumping position and techniques.

  • Qualification Courses

    We also run NVQ & BHS courses which covers all aspects of Horse Knowledge and Care to include Stable management, theory and ridden sessions also.  This covers all aspects of caring for and looking after your horse.  Upon successful completion of coursework and or examination you will receive a recognised qualification.

  • Treasure Hunt

    A delightful day with our amazing school ponies, grooming, plaiting and decorating.  Enjoy working as a team to follow a string of clues and follow a treasure map to follow the trail to the treasure.

  • Under 5’s Introductory Day

    Excellent opportunity for those wanting to learn to ride but either aren’t quite old enough for riding lessons or for complete first timers wanting to have a go to see if they like it.

    Spend half an hour with our fabulous ponies, grooming them and getting to know them, then help to put your ponies tack on, you’ll then participate in a lead rein session.

    Upon completion each child receives a certificate for completing the session.

  • Themed Activity Days.

    Our themed activity days bring fantasy and magic to our pony fun days.  Enter the magical world of horses, spend time grooming, decorating & plaiting your chosen pony in the theme of the day.

    Later relish in the enchanted fairy-tale ride on your pony exploring our magical trails.

    We have many themed days ranging from Unicorns & Fairies, Superhero’s and Disney themes we also hold a Halloween Party too.  Optional fancy dress welcomed.

  • Themed Musical Ride

    Our Themed musical ride days are most entertaining.  We spend the day preparing our ponies by grooming and plaiting then we plan and practise a sequence of movements to music.

    This routine is practised with the music and later performed.

  • Picnic Ride

    Enjoy a glorious adventure ride on your most loved riding school pony.  We have such beautiful countryside hacks available to us with breath-taking views.  We also have a stop along the way to enjoy a picnic in the glorious outdoors in and amongst the delightful rural surroundings.