Educational & Additional Learning Needs Sessions

  • Changing Lives Through Horses

    Changing lives through horses is a brand new alternative educational provision delivered by the British Horse Society.  The sessions are perfect for those who struggle with the day to day school life confined to a classroom.  Embrace the outdoors and horses whilst developing and supporting 6 key life skills; communication, confidence, team work, perseverance, building relationships and responsibility.  The programme delivers structured awards and certificates in line with key stages 1,2 & 3. The Changing Lives Through Horses sessions also boasts a Personal Development Qualification which is GCSE equivalent.

  • ALN Sessions

    Smugglers offers group Additional Learning Needs sessions during school holidays.  These sessions are organised by your ALN group, and delivered by us.  Each session comprises of a half hour ride, which is either a gentle stroll in the countryside or in adverse weather conditions tackling obstacle courses in our indoor arena.  Each session is taken at the child’s pace so they can build the relationship with the horse. Our sessions promote a therapeutic experience, building confidence & reducing anxiety.  Our sessions are also beneficial for some children with sensory difficulties.