Fun Ride Disclaimer

Smugglers Fun Ride Disclaimer

Smugglers Tack & Events Ltd – Fun Ride

By entering Smugglers Fun Ride, I understand and agree:

  1. To ride according to my own ability and that of my horse, who must be fit enough to carry out the work required, sound and in good health. All horses participating must be 4 years of age and over.
  2. My horse does not show any signs of ill health and has not had any cough, temperature, or respiratory disease within the last 7 days
  3. My horses’ vaccinations are up to date
  4. All tack worn must be in a safe, serviceable condition.
  5. It is compulsory for all riders to wear relevant hard hat head protection which must comply with current BSI Standards and must be worn correctly and fastened at all times when mounted, it is strongly advised that all riders wear body protectors. All riders must also wear the correct footwear for riding.
  6. Follow the directed route.
  7. All fences are optional, if you damage any fences, please notify stewards so that the jump can be removed or repaired.
  8. An adult must accompany all children under the age of 16 years.
  9. When approaching other riders please slow to a walk, when coming from behind please warn them of your intent to pass.
  10. Smugglers Tack & Events Ltd take no responsibility for individuals participating in the fun ride.
  11. The organisers, landowners & assistants do not accept any liability for damage, accident, injury or illness to horses, riders, spectators, or personal property sustained by any third party whether horse/rider, spectator, or property
  12. The decision of the ride organisers is final.
  13. The stewards’ instructions must be adhered to at all times as they are there for the health and safety of all.
  14. It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure they notify the nominated steward of your return at the finish.
  15. The exact indicated route must be kept to, stay on paths, and do not stray onto farmland or maintained grass/lawns or verges. Stick to the edges of the fields at all times.
  16. Follow the countryside rules, no littering.
  17. Do not leave any horse unattended or tied up in the lorry park. Remove rubbish, hay and droppings from around your trailer/lorry and take it home with you.
  18. Any vehicles parked, do so at their own risk.
  19. An adult must supervise children at all times.
  20. Clear up any litter or droppings left.
  21. No dogs are permitted on the site or on the ride.
  22. Strictly no hand grazing
  23. Do not let your horse touch any other horse on site
  24. Do not touch other horses on site
  25. Stay only within the permitted areas

Disclaimer of Responsibility.

I consider myself to be on a private hack and I do not hold Smugglers Tack & Events Ltd, the organisers or the landowners responsible for any injury, damage or loss incurred as a result of the event.  I also undertake to make good any loss or damage caused by my animals, vehicles, my assistants or myself to stock or the environment whilst on this ride.  I confirm that I do hold third party liability insurance and that I have read the rules above.

I confirm that to the best of my knowledge all the details I have provided on this waiver are correct.

Participants under the age of 16 years of age: Where I am signing on behalf of a minor, I have explained the Fun Ride Rules to my child and we both understand and accept the risk and agree that Smugglers Tack & Events Ltd will not be liable for injury or damage to property unless it is caused by negligence.

GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018.

Statement:  I understand that the information I have provided will be held in accordance with data protection regulations but may be provided to insurers and other concerned parties in the event of an injury or accident.

It is also advised that:

  • All riders wear medical armbands, particularly where a rider has specific medical conditions


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