Smugglers Livery Yard Rules

Nobody likes too many rules; we all like to rely on our own common sense, however not everyone shares the same expectations and understanding of how things should be done on a livery yard. Therefore, we have compiled a list of rules and guidance on how our livery yard will be run and what we expect of each other.

We don’t want to be unfriendly, but want to be clear on our standards and to provide a livery yard that is clean, safe and functions smoothly to benefit all of our clients.

Horses are expensive animals to keep, they should be cared for yet enjoyed at the same time. Too many yards have problems with arguments, fall outs and unnecessary upset. This in turn will impact your horses’ well-being, while we are sure not all livery yards are the same, we hope you’ll join us in our view that, ‘You’re there to spend time with your horse, so lets help make it enjoyable by working with each other rather than against’


  • Melissa – 07805 019006
  • Melissa email –
  • Our Facebook page will be used for any updates and important notices.
  • Yard opening times – 9am-9pm Monday to Sunday.

Health & Safety

  • Horse ownership is not without inherent dangers and as such all activities within the yard is performed at your own risk. We endeavour to maintain our facilities to a safe standard but users must observe the following mandatory rules and any additional instructions that may be given.
  • All horses will have to provide a negative guttural pouch wash.
  • All horses should be up to date with their flu and tetanus vaccinations.
  • All horses and owners must comply with the yard worming programme.
  • Owners must check their horse/s twice daily as a minimum, it is the horse owners responsibility to ensure their horse is of good health, is well looked after and tended to.
  • The facilities must be used in safe and sensible manner.
  • Children under the age of 14 years are not permitted on the yard unless they are supervised by an appropriate adult.
  • Riding without a riding hat and suitable footwear is NOT permitted at any time. Hats should adhere to the current British Standard.
  • It is advised that owners/riders should wear their riding hats and gloves when turning out and bringing in their horses.
  • It is not recommended that owners turn out or bring in their horse outside of daylight hours.
  • It is strongly recommended that Hi Viz clothing be worn when turning out or bringing in your horse.
  • Please keep to a maximum speed limit of 5mph when driving onto and off the yard.
  • No lighting of fires.
  • Please note the location of electric cabinets, fire extinguishers, water isolation points, emergency sounders, noticeboards and fire assembly points.
  • There is a strict NO SMOKING policy. (Smoking is only permitted in our Smoking Shelter)
  • All signage to be adhered to.
  • First aiders are appointed on the yard.
  • CCTV is fitted around the yard and stables for the safety, welfare and security of all persons on the yard and to maintain its up keep.
  • All rubbish is to be put in bins supplied.
  • Be aware of machinery working on the yard.
  • No riding in the buildings.

Yard Rules

  • Any accidents, injuries or damage must be reported to the owners as soon as possible. If the owners are not available at the time of the incident, please ensure that you write the details in one of the accident books provided.
  • Keep all areas in and around your stable clean, tidy and free from mess and clutter.
  • No plastic or string etc. on the muckheap.
  • Ensure tack rooms are clean and swept regularly.
  • Do not empty water buckets onto the yard, please use the drains provided.
  • Clean up any food spillage so as to deter vermin.
  • Tools and barrows to be kept neat and tidy in designated areas.
  • All vehicles to be parked in designated areas.
  • Any vehicles are left at owner’s risk.
  • No unauthorised parking overnight.
  • All persons and vehicles should take special care around the site to avoid any accidents.
  • Please turn off water taps after use. Do not leave water running unattended.
  • Dogs are NOT allowed on the yard at any time.
  • The back doors of the buildings should not be used for access or egress.
  • Loading and unloading of horses is to be done in the designated area.
  • Alert the owner to strangers.
  • Stay off all grass verges they are not to be used for grazing or car turning.
  • In severe weather conditions, we reserve the right to request horses are kept in.
  • The cost of any damage caused may be charged for.
  • No field moving, stable moving or loan outs without prior consent from the owners.
  • Please respect the owner’s privacy.
  • Give way to vehicles when leading your horse if and when safe to do so.
  • Do not touch or feed anyone else horse without their prior consent.
  • Whilst hacking avoid contact with other horses in paddocks.
  • Keep an eye on the notice boards.
  • The worming programme is compulsory.
  • Keep the area around the hay store as clean as possible and don’t leave any spillage on the floor, please utilise as much as possible.
  • The area to the back of the stable barns is strictly for Riding School clients use only and therefore Livery clients and not permitted to be in this area. Please respect their privacy.
  • When disposing of muck out of the wheelbarrows, be sure to tip this directly into the muck spreaders provided and not on the ramp or yard. A cleaning charge of £5.00 may be made if we have to clean up any owner’s mess left on the yard

Stable Rules

  • Please ensure that you clean up any droppings/hair or any mess including that left of a farrier from outside your stable and in the gangways. A cleaning charge of £5.00 may be made if we have to clean up any owner’s mess left on the yard.
  • Nothing should be left in the gangways, they must be kept clear and clean at all times.
  • No tying up of horses in the gangways at any time.
  • No hay or straw to be stored in the tack room.
  • Keep stable doors closed when not in use to keep the gangways clear.
  • Keep the area outside your stable clean and tidy and well kept.
  • Please ensure stables lights are switched off if you are the last to leave.
  • Take precautions to prevent the attraction of vermin.
  • Stables are not to be used for storing anything else other than your horse, haynet/haybar, the bed, and stable toys for the floor.
  • Please remember to clean out your horse’s feet before leaving the stable, if you forget please remember to clean up any bedding, mess as a result.
  • No access is permitted to the bottom area of the yard at any time.
  • No riding or mounting in the stable area at any time.
  • If you have a third party ie farrier, vet, dentist etc attending to your horse, note it on the white board provided in each barn. Always ensure you are there unless other arrangements have been made. A standing fee may be charged in the event of yard staff having to assist them.  Ensure all mess and droppings are cleaned up immediately after.

Ménage Rules

  • Maximum of 2 riders in the flat side and 1 rider in the jump side unless authorised by the owners.
  • Be considerate when booking in as a second rider – make sure horses are compatible.
  • Do not book more than a week in advance apart from lessons.
  • You must cancel your session in the ménage diary if you are unable to attend.
  • Please put jumps away tidily after use – do not misuse them.
  • We will operate a 15-minute rule – if the person who has booked the ménage is 15 minutes late they will forfeit their slot, someone else may use that slot, but they must firstly put their name in the diary.
  • Any droppings left by the horses using the ménage are to be removed and taken to the muckheap at the end of each session by the owner/rider, the muck skip and rake must be returned to the ménage.
  • You may not commence riding if there are droppings left in the ménage by a previous rider until they have been cleared and taken to the muckheap and the muck skip and rake have been returned.
  • Riding without a riding hat and suitable footwear is NOT permitted at any time. (riding hats must adhere to current British Standards).
  • Do not turn out in the ménage.
  • No Lunging.
  • Pass left to left, except when riders are doing lateral work on the track you must give priority.
  • Knock before entering the ménage.
  • Ride with consideration for others.
  • Give priority to the faster pace.
  • Do not get to close to the horse in front.
  • If someone falls off turn in and halt.
  • Any clinic dates must be agreed by the owners before being organised.
  • The gate to the ménage should be kept closed when riding and must be closed after your session.
  • Spectators are not permitted in the arena at any time.
  • All riders are entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of the facility and as such all helpers, riders and spectators should be courteous and helpful to each other. Keep noise to a minimum and follow the BHS Riding Rules.
  • Private instructors must register with the owner when they arrive on site. We may require them to provide evidence of their qualifications and adequate insurance.

Lunge Pen Rules

  • Only one horse at a time.
  • All sessions must be booked in the diary.
  • Any droppings left by horses using the pen are to be removed and taken to the muckheap at the end of each session by the handler, the muck skip and rake must be returned to the lunge pen.
  • You must wear a riding hat (to current British Standard) and suitable footwear.
  • No longer than 30 minutes per session.
  • No riding in the lunge pen.
  • Poles and cavalettis may be used but must be put back after use.
  • Make sure whips and aids are kept tidy.

Field Rules

  • You may only turnout horses into fields designated by owners.
  • Do not remove any horse without owner’s prior consent (unless in case of an emergency)
  • Do not feed in fields.
  • No riding in the fields.
  • Keep gates closed at all times.
  • Do not sit or stand on the gates.
  • Unless expressly agreed with the owner, no horse must be left alone in the paddock or any fields at the end of the day. If you see a lone horse and you are not able to contact the owner, please advise the yard manager or one of the staff. Do not leave a horse/pony in the field by itself – please bring it in and inform yard staff.
  • It is strongly advised that owners/riders should wear their riding hats (to current British Standard), gloves, appropriate footwear and Hi-Viz jackets when turning out or bringing in horses.
  • Turnout time and length will change according to seasons and winter turnout will be weather permitting. We reserve the right to close all pastures and use designated winter paddocks when the weather dictates.
  • Shut the field gate behind you even if it is empty.


  • Staff will be available for assistance between the hours of 9.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Sunday.
  • Please ensure lights are switched off, taps are not left running or unattended and litter is thrown in the bins provided. If you are the last to leave remember to turn ALL, the lights off.
  • Notification must be given if someone other than the horse owner is attending your horse.
  • As a best practise by owner/rider hacking out alone you should advise a member of staff of their proposed route and expected duration of ride. In addition, the carrying of a mobile phone is recommended.
  • It is your responsibility that your farrier is fully insured and up to date with his safety equipment, insurance and qualifications.
  • Please ensure that you clear up any droppings/hair etc. after they have finished grooming or shoeing etc. A charge of £5.00 may be made if we have to clean up any owner’s mess left in the yard.
  • Notify the yard owner if you have an early start or late finish and need to attend the yard outside of normal opening hours.
  • Do not use other people’s horse/pony or enter their stable unless you have prior consent.
  • Do not use other people’s belongings without permission.
  • Be pleasant to other yard goers’
  • Keep the noise down.
  • Don’t pass judgement unless requested and only do so in a kind constructive way.
  • Understand people do things differently.
  • If you have a problem or are concerned about a horse, go to the yard owner, your problem doesn’t have to be everyone else’s.

New Owners Procedure

  • New horses must provide a negative guttural pouch wash prior to arrival and will then be contained in isolation for 2 weeks.
  • New horses will have a faecal egg count done and wormed accordingly upon arrival.
  • New horses should be up to date with flu and tetanus vaccinations.
  • A copy of your horses’ insurance, passport and signed contract should to be given to yard owner upon arrival.


  • Livery to be paid in advance by standing order only.
  • Rent is for the month (or part thereof) and is to be paid in advance on the 1st of the month.

Leaving Us

  • 1 months’ notice to be given in writing.
  • If you are expelled from the yard there will be no refund given.


All decisions made by the owners are final.