Meet The Team

Smugglers Riding School would like to introduce you to our team.


Bubbles – is a 10hh grey more, she is great fun and quite adorable. She loves her job and is very much loved by all. Bubbles is one of our long standing riding school horses and to this day is still very much a firm fave!

Rudi – (Rudolph)

Rudi – is 11hh. He adores children and loves fusses. He rides super in the school and pops a few jumps and is super to hack.


Paris – is a 12hh piebald pony, she loves her friends and her best friend is Maggie. Paris is a super pony and great fun.


Maggie – is a 12.1hh piebald pony, her best friend is Paris. Maggie loves a fuss and is a delightful honest pony.


Smartie – is a beautiful 12.3hh piebald mare, she is such a sweetheart who tries her hardest for all and is fast becoming a popular choice.


Tobi – is a 12.3hh piebald gelding, he is a super little pony another who is eager to please. He does a good job looking after our smaller jockeys.


Tig – is a 13hh red and white pony. He is adorable very well mannered, placid and very lovable. He is a dream to ride and is a yard favourite.


Sky- is a 13hh grey pony. Sky is a sensitive yet honest little mare. sky joined us Summer of 2019. she has settled into riding school life and loves her routine.


Bluebell – is a 13.1hh blagdon coloured mare. She is a super sweet mare who is gentle, kind, sweet and eager to please.


Rocky – is a 13.2hh skewbald gelding. He is a delightful pony who loves his job, he gets a little sensitive on the ground but does a grand job in the school looking after our clients mainly in our hour groups.


Mickey – is a 13.2hh coloured gelding, Mickey has now retired from the riding school as a ridden pony. He now however assists our Changing Lives Through Horses alternative educational programme.


Ang – is a 13.2hh old skewbald Mare. Throughout her ridden career, ang has looked after a variety of riders whilst exploring the countryside. She is nicely forward and used in our hour groups.


Tom – a 13.3hh piebald pony who does everything, he’s been there done that and bought the t-shirt. Tom is used for beginners and more experienced riders, he has competed in dressage, showjumping and cross country.


Fred – a 14hh piebald. Fred is an absolute dream, he’s very placid and can be a real plod along, he enjoys the slower pace of life if you let him but has a super jump also 🙂 He loves being groomed and fussed. Fred takes care of our service user clients also.


Lucky – is a 14.1hh coloured gelding, he is a sweet character and loves working in the school and hacking. He has a lovely bouncy trot and works super, he’s great fun.


Diva – is a 14.3hh beautiful coloured mare, she has a lovely character and is great fun to ride. She is mainly white and therefore hard to keep clean 🙂 She is a popular choice at the yard and everyone wants to ride her.


Gypsy – is a 14.3hh bay gypsy cob mare, she is very sweet and very willing, she is 9 years old and is settling into school life really well. She is very willing and a real people pleaser.


Billy – is a 14.3hh piebald gelding, he is a super pony who has taken well to working in the school he pops a super jump both show jumps and xc jumps. He loves hacking and has been hunting. He has proven to be sensible and honest.


Connie – is a 15hh grey connemara mare, she came to us with a foal at foot, Pebbles. Connie then turned her hoof to her ridden career and has not looked back. She is a dream in the school and tries her absolute hardest to please.


Bwkka – is a 15hh coloured gelding, he is a sweet character and has settled in extremely well. He rides very well both in the school and hacking, he does a wonderful job looking after our service users too.


Phoebe – is a 15hh coloured mare, she is very laid back and chilled. Shes a lovely placid ride. She is a popular choice with clients being such a sweet and genuine mare, she will turn her hoof to anything you ask of her.


Barney – is a 15hh 9yr old piebald gelding, he is super sweet and loves his work, he works lovely in the school and over jumps and is super to hack too. He is such an easy ride and a favourite.


Lola – is a 15hh Spanish bred cream mare, she is such a loving character and just wants to be loved and please you. She is doing so well with her ridden work having been a broodmare. She is settled into the school life very well.


Bramble – is a 15.1hh super grey mare. She is working superbly in the school on the flat and over show jumps. She hacks out very well and has also hunted too. She is becoming a yard favorite and has settled well, being great fun.


Sol – is a 15.1hh 12 yr old Piebald gelding. He’s a fun and loving character. He works super in the school and loves jumping. He is fast becoming a favourite being awesome is all respects.


Frankie – is a 15.2hh skewbald gelding, Frankie is a gorgeous soul who adores his work, he is a lovely strong lad and has done a variety of disciplines. He thoroughly enjoys his job in the riding school.


Delilah – is a 15.2hh Piebald Mare. Delilah is a sweet and loving mare, which she loves attention. Delilah joined us in Summer of 2019. where she started her transformation to join the team.


Buttercup – is a 15.3hh grey Mare. Buttercup is a delightful mare with a calm nature. Buttercup joined us summer of 2019, where she started her education, and has proven to be very level headed. She is definitely a firm favourite.


Max – is a super 16hh cob gelding who has competed in Dressage and Showjumping. He is a super allrounder whom many have enjoyed in the school and out hacking. He is another absolute favourite 🙂


Snowy – A 16.1hh Grey mare, she is a massive yard and client favorite, being a super sensible and delightful mare. She has a sweet nature and loves to please, she’s very level headed.
Snowy has since left our riding school and is currently a mum to be, her little bundle is due in May.


Flo – is a 16.1hh percheron cross grey mare, she is a lovely large lady who is extremely adorable. She is super steady and comfy ride. She has the most adorable big floppy and droopy lips.


Blue – is a 16.2 grey mare. Blue is an older lady, blue has spent majority of her life exploring the countryside looking after a variety of jockeys in the meantime. Blue works with our more experienced riders and takes many hacks


Peaches – is a 16.2hh 19yr old palomino mare. She is truly amazing, she rides beautifully in the school and enjoys her hacking too. She is a yard favourite already, such a beautiful girl.


Jessie – a 16.2hh grey mare who is for the more experienced rider specialising in Dressage and Showjumping however she is also suitable for adult beginners, she regularly competes in dressage, show jumping and cross country.

Jess is also retired now to become a mum.


Hugo – is a gorgeous 16.2hh skewbald gelding who is new to his career in the riding school. He is a delightful gentle giant with adorably large ears (a sign of a kind heart) and plenty to give.


Charlie – is a gorgeous 16.2hh dark bay gelding.
He is an older gentleman but such a sweetheart. He is a big friendly giant with a kind eye and lots more to offer.

Big Max

Big Max – big by name big by nature, Max is a 16.3hh grey gelding, he is an old school master, he has been there done that and bought the t-shirt. He is for the more experienced client to continue their progression. He is a super sweet old man.